What you need to know before voting in Tallahassee-Leon County’s 2022 General Election

By Shelby Green

November 8, 2022

Hey there,

I wrote this last-minute voting guide to consolidate and share information about the races and candidates in the 2022 General Election. I formerly served as Leon County’s Soil and Water Supervisor and also recently ran for City Commission. I try to stay as informed as possible when it comes to local politics and am sharing this information because it’s not as easy as it should be to get basic information about each candidate, especially if you’re not subscribed to our local paper.

Before deciding who to vote for, ask yourself:

1. What do I care about and want to see differently in my community?
2. Which races and ballot amendments can I vote for? (find your sample ballot here)

There are a lot of State and local seat up for grabs. The State seats are partisan and have received considerable coverage, so you should be familiar with the candidates. I’ll focus on the local, non-partisan races that are lesser known but just as impactful on your future.


- Mayor of Tallahassee – Dailey vs. Dozier
- Leon County District 2 Commissioner – Caban vs. Crow
- At-large Leon County Commissioner – Johnson vs. Maddox
- Leon County District 5 Commissioner – DeBoles-Johnson vs. O’Keefe

Other items:

- Justices of the Supreme Court (who have the power to decide the future of abortion access in Florida) -- I found this guide from People Power Florida helpful.
- Ballot amendments – I found this guide from Tampa-Bay Times helpful.


I didn’t formally endorse any candidates, but my recommendations are: Charlie Crist, Val Demings, Loranne Ausley, Kristin Dozier, and Hannah Crow.

I believe these individuals truly recognize their responsibility to deliver results for the people. I'm hopeful they will take their mission seriously and contribute to the collective effort of getting our City and State back on track.

I hope this was helpful!